Outdoor  Knives

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Camping, Fish Filleting, Hunting, Utility.  Whatever the job these  knives  are made to hold an edge !

Knives are shown with wood micarta handles; wood handles are also available.. Check out the Features Available page.  price includes tax and sheath.                                          

    Model 95   Steel:440 C  3/32"  thick    Blade length:2 3/4inches   Overall: 6 3/4"

Price:$100.00 Canadian                         Flat Grind

     Model 100    Steel: Ats34  1/8 thick     Blade length:3"            Overall:61/2"

Price:  $100.00 Canadian                   Hollow Grind

    Model 105 and 105Guard          Steel: Ats34  1/8"thick        Hollow Grind

Blade Length:3 1/2"  Overall: 7 1/2 "  Price: model 105:$110.00        model 105G:$130.00.00

    Model 110  Steel : Ats34   Blade length:3 1/2"       Overall: 8"        Hollow Grind

Model 110: $120.00       Model  110Guard: $.00

    Model 120S& 120SGuard       Steel:Ats34     1/8" thick      Bladelength:4inches   overall  8 1/2" price:120S - $120.00   12SG-$145.00

Model 120L&120LGuard    Blade:4 1/2"          overall length  9in.                                                       model 120L- $125.00   120LG -$150.00

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