Wood Carving Knives

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Wood Carving Set       Blade length 2  1/2"      Overall:6 1/2"  Steel:ATS34   Wood Micarta Handles          Price:$120.00   Pouch is included

Detail Carving Knife #1

Blade Length: 1   7/8inches

Detail Knives are all made with ATS34 Steel      58Rc Hardness   Handles: Walnut   Price:$30.00 each                          Taxes are included in all prices

From top to bottom

 Detail Carving Knife #2  Blade:1   1/16"

Detail Carving Knife #3  Blade length:  1  5/8 inches  sheepsfoot shape

Detail Carving Knife #4  Blade length: 1  1/8 inches  chip carving shape

Detail Carving Knife #5  Blade Length: 2 inches       hawks bill shape

Detail Carving Knife #6   Blade Length:2  1/8 inches       Right handed or left handed crooked blade

 Detail Carving Knife #7   Blade Length:2  1/2"        Long regular shape blade

Detail  Carving  Knife #8  Blade length:1  7/8"       very narrow blade